3 Reasons to Spread Trade

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    Spread Trading with Core Spreads Financial allows you to profit from the rise, or fall, of a financial market without taking ownership of the underlying asset.

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    Spread Trading is what is known as a leveraged product, this means you are only required to deposit into your account a small percentage of the total value of your trade.

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    Spread Trading makes trading accessible to all, low minimum trade sizes and dealing costs make this a product popular with thousands of retail and professional traders around the world.

At Core Spreads you can trade a huge range of financial instruments, across many different asset classes, from one single trading account and through just one, easy to use, trading platform. Being in control of your own trading from our Core Trader platform is a big advantage for the thousands of spread traders who choose to use this product in order to access the financial markets.

There are no commissions or fees to pay after you have traded; the costs to trade with us are transparent. Spread Trading companies make their profit from the spread between the buying and selling prices. This is why it is important to find a company offering low fixed costs to trade, which gives you the best opportunity to maximise the returns from your trading. Variable costs result in variable returns and during volatile periods in the markets, something we are seeing with increasing regularity, it's good to know you are trading with a broker who won't try and charge you more.  

Spread Trading also means you can trade in a size that perfectly suits your risk appetite, our minimum trade sizes are amongst the lowest in the market. Other financial products are often designed for professional traders and will have inflexible trade sizes resulting in most retail traders being excluded from the market.

 When you Spread Trade there are risks involved.

But we believe you shouldn't fear risk, we want you to understand it

Spread Trading can result in profits, but it does come with considerable risks. It's so important to understand the risks involved in spread trading, it's the same approach you should take with everything you do, and that developing suitable strategies with which to mitigate the risks is essential if you are to become successful. Our risk management tools aren't there for decoration, we urge you to understand how and when they can be used before you start to trade.

3 risks to consider before you begin Spread Trading

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    Leverage: Financial Spread Trades are leveraged products. This means that you can make profits, or losses, far in excess of your initial deposit. As a trader, you need to assess your risk appetite and consider using our risk management tools to help protect yourself from excessive losses if the markets move against you.
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    Market Volatility: Some markets fluctuate more widely than others and this price volatility can change very quickly, especially over economic announcements or important breaking news. It is important to research and understand the possible volatility of a market before you trade so that you can select the correct stake that matches your risk appetite.
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    Gapping Risk: Gapping is a movement in the price of a market where no trade occurs. This could be caused by anything that changes the price of a market, unanticipated profits warning, a natural disaster or a major political event. A gapping event is normally more common when a market re-opens but it can, and does, occur when the markets are actively trading. It is important to understand that a gap in the market can adversely affect your trades and your capital and to select a trading stake that minimises this risk and matches your risk appetite.

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