Why do other brokers change their spreads? 

Fed up of slippery brokers that promise you cheap spreads but widen them when the markets get volatile? So are we! It’s unfair, and that’s why we’re on a mission to show up these guys and give you an alternative.


Our approach at Core Spreads is simple. We don't change our spreads just because markets get volatile. That means you get the certainty you need and deserve as a trader!


Fixed Spreads – What’s so great about them


Why is trading on fixed spreads better than variable spreads? Well, how many times have we seen something advertised at a price ‘from’ only to find that what we wan costs a lot more? Whether it’s a laptop or a holiday, the headline price is there to lure us in, and you have to be lucky to get the cheap deal.

Those low variable spreads are only available when markets are quiet, when prices are hardly moving, and volatility is low. That’s not what we’re seeing these days!

When volatility picks up, those low spreads are quite different to what’s really available. This can make a considerable difference to your profitability as a trader.

With us, the charges that you pay to trade are fixed during each trading session.

We already have some of the lowest spreads anyway. But with us you have the added advantage that they’re fixed, no matter what’s going on in the underlying market.


Comparing a variable spread and a fixed spread

The costs of variable spreads in volatile market conditions can certainly mount up if you’re trading regularly. And who wants the uncertainty of never being sure what sized spread you’ll be offered when it comes to open or close your trade?

All very well advertising a spread from 1.6 on the Dow but if the real spread is 15 points wide, your potential profits are going to be hit, and hit hard. Are you really prepared to pay so much more to trade the same market, just because it is volatile?

And your risk management is also made so much more difficult, where are you going to place your take profit and stop loss targets if you have no idea what your broker’s spread is going to be when the order triggers?

The markets are hard enough at the moment, why add to the challenge by trading with a broker who is going to change the rules mid-way through?

Core Spreads won’t widen their spreads when the going gets tough, our charges are always fixed giving you certainty in an uncertain times.

This may not look like a big difference, but the costs of variable spreads certainly mount up if you’re trading regularly. And who wants the uncertainty of never being sure what sized spread you’ll be offered at any time?


In short, our fixed spreads provide certainty when markets are at their most uncertain.

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is trading as it should be. Tight fixed spreads and razor sharp execution on thousands of markets.