Our Loyalty Scheme is like no other!


Earn Core Points every time you trade and build a cash rebate of up to 20% of your trading costs

Plus: Get a Welcome Bonus of 1,000 Core Points when you open a Live Account with us


Receive up to US $2,500 every month!

Our Loyalty Scheme rewards traders that trade with us. When you open a Live Account you’re immediately entered into our competitive Loyalty Scheme. Not only that, but we'll add 1,000 Core Points to your new Live Account as a welcome bonus!

How it works

Every time you trade, you’ll earn Core Points. At the end of the calendar month, your Core Points will be added up and the total helps determine how much you’ll receive as a rebate in the following month. This can be anything up to US $2,500 every month.

We’ve included a handy Rebate Ladder below which shows the rebate percentage you’ll receive depending on your total Core Points.

Better than the rest

Our Loyalty Scheme is the most competitive in the industry. We offer a rebate from as little as US $25 up to US $2,500 per month, depending on your volume of trading. 

Your Core Points are used to calculate your monthly rebate percentage and this in turn is used to calculate your cash rebate in the following month. Unlike other brokers, we don’t have any complicated release criteria. You can keep any cash rebate in your account to trade again or withdraw it. For an in-depth illustration of how our Loyalty Scheme works, please see our Working Example below.  


How do I earn Core Points?

With us, you’ll earn one Core Point for every US $1 traded.

Let’s look at our popular Wall Street 30 market as an example:

The Wall Street 30 spread is fixed at 1 point. You choose to make a US $10 per point trade in this market. This would generate US $5 of spread on the opening of the trade and another US $5 on the closing trade. So, by opening and closing this trade, you would earn 10 Core Points.

Rebate Ladder

Your total points for the month determine the rebate you'll receive the following month, according to our rebate ladder:

10,000 + 20%
5,000 up to 9,999 15%
2,500 up to 4,999 10%
500 up to 2,499 5%
400 up to 499 4%
300 up to 399 3%
200 up to 299 2%
100 up to 199 1%
0 up to 99 0%

A four-month working example

To help you get an idea of how our Loyalty Scheme works, we’ve created a scenario of a new trader over four months.

Month One

Welcome Bonus
Trading - 1 point per $ of spread
Points earned


A new trader joins Core Spreads on the 1st of the month. We will credit the new trader's account with 1,000 Core Points as a welcome bonus. Then, during that month, they make US $550-worth of eligible trades.

At the end of the month, the trader has earned 550 Core Points, which will be added to their welcome bonus of 1,000 Core Points. So, considering the Rebate Ladder, this total will give them a rebate level of 5% on their trades in the following month.

Month Two

In Month Two, our trader trades US $990. This generates a cash rebate of US $49.50, which is paid shortly after the end of Month Two. This rebate is worked out as follows:

Total traded in Month Two X rebate level from Month One


US $990 X 5%

The trader earnt 990 Core Points from trading in Month Two.

The Core Points the trader earnt in Month One (1,550) have depreciated by a third (66.6%), making them worth 1,033 Core Points in Month Two.

Month One’s remaining Core Points are then added to the total Core Points from Month 2:

1,033 + 990 = 2,023

2,023 Core Points in Month 2 secures another 5% rebate level for Month Three.

Trading - 1 point per $ of spread 990
Points earned 990

Month Three

Trading - 1 point per $ of spread 1,380
Points earned 1,380

In Month Three, the trader trades a total of US $1,380. The Month 2 Core Points total of 2,023 secures a 5% rebate in Month Three. 

So, US $1,380 x 5% gives a loyalty rebate for Month Three of US $69

During Month Three, the trader earns 1,380 Core Points. To work out the rebate percentage for Month Four, we need to do the following calculation. Bear in mind that by Month Four, Month One's Core Points are reduced by two thirds, and Month Two's Core Points are reduced by one third.

So, we have one third of Month One’s Core Points + two thirds Month Two’s Core Points + all of Month Three’s Core Points = Total Core Points for Month Four’s rebate

517 + 660 + 1,380 = 2,557

2,557 Core Points secures a rebate level of 10% for Month Four.

Assuming the trader earns 860 Core Points in Month Four, the rebate would be US $86 (860 x 10%)

Example Balance MONTH 1 MONTH 2 MONTH 3 Month 4
Opening 0 1,550 2,023 2,557
Welcome Bonus 1,000 0 0 0
Points earned 550 990 1,380 860
Points depreciation - -517 -846 -790
Closing 1,550 2,023 2,557 2,627
Rebate 0% 5% 5% 10%
Total rebate $0 US $49.50 US $69.00 US $86.00

The cycle keeps repeating with cash rebates being paid in arrears just after month end.

* Assumes month 1 and 3 have 31 days and month 2 has 30 days

Loyalty Scheme Terms & Conditions

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